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Holiday Sickness

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Holiday sickness are quite devastating, owing to the ruination it brings over on your planned vacation. Apart from bringing in physical pain, holiday sickness is known to put an end to your much required trips and makes you go crazy. On few unfortunate cases, holiday sickness necessitates a mammoth medical and substantial expense to be doled out.

We at treat every of our clients with live and care and help them recuperate faster so that they get back to their families with a joyous smile and in the pink of health.

Who can make a holiday illness claim?

We’ll consider working upon two factors that are the key factors in getting your claims sanctioned. Our team of expert solicitors will first check if you’ve booked your vacation on a package basis and if you’ve mostly consumed your meals on the hotel facilities.

Based on these two points, we shall start framing your holiday illness claim.

What do you have to do in order to apply for the claim?

  • You first need to fill in your name, residential address and your phone number and even the type of claim that you urge for.
  • Our team of ace solicitors will thereafter get in touch only to be enlightened about the manner of illness followed by the cause.
  • We shall them propose for a medical diagnosis as one more step to secure the settlement.
  • We at com work on ‘no work no fee basis’: we won’t be charging you a penny if the claim turns out to be unsuccessful.

No work no fee is a contractual agreement between the solicitor and the claimant where if the solicitor fails to fetch him the claim, then he gets no money, on grounds of faltering.

After you’ve filled in the details and have let known our solicitor about your type of claim, we would then start with our claim framing. We at bank on customer satisfaction. Our team of absolutely devoted solicitors and experts believe in doing our extreme best to give you what you deserve. By employing the world-class holiday illness solicitor and diagnostics group who perform a thorough check up on you before signing the claim approval, we at ensure you with the pinkest of health followed by the required compensation you rightfully deserve.